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Broke January 

Is January over yet? NO we still have FOUR days left in the longest month of the year. Why is this the longest most dismal month of the year?, I’ll give you three reasons why. And since were all still catching up with ourselves from blowing all our $$$$ over Christmas. I decided in the spirit of most of us being broke, I would do a list, of my favourite budget/cheap makeup and beauty buys.


I hate the f word but this is not what Christmas is about. Its Not about the gifts. It's about our Savior Jesus n what He did for us. :(

Broke, so you had a budget for Christmas and you were going to stick to it and then well you spent every penny you owned drinking , eating , partying and buying presents ”God when did SMALL presents get so f**king expensive ”. Oh and trying to save and be a bit better with money also has you BROKE. Beans on toast for breakfast , lunch and dinner everyday , what’s wrong with that?


So true...

We solemnly swore that this years resolutions were going to be kept, so all your life’s treats like our chockie digestives with our tea,  our ritual glass of wine and pizza night are all gone out the window.



Dry January , its not called this for no reason!!!! everyone is on a I am not drinking,going out, saving buzz and everybody’s moping around.Because all of the things they love to do like eat junk , drink  and go out, have all been brought to an abrupt hault.



Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer

Available at: Most retail pharmacy, http://ie.rimmellondon.com/ http://www.boots.ie/


This little gem is quite impressive and truly holds its own, in our current obsession of the importance of primers. I can honestly say this is as good and I might go as far to say even better than MAC’s prep +prime. It glides on easily and rests beautifully under your foundation.

Maybelline Superstay 24hour Foundation

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


This foundation is brilliant for two reasons 1, its lightweight and natural. 2, it actually lasts on your skin even if you have combination/ oily skin like me.


Maybelline Super Stay 24Hour Powder 

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


 OK, this has to be the most underrated powder EVER. This smooth blend gives you a flawless effect whilst giving you even coverage to help conceal imperfections. I have in the past bought many powders twice and even three times the price of the super stay 24 and they haven’t even come near in quality.

Catrice Camouflage Cream

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or Pennys

This is a fantastic little concealer, it works amazingly from covering dark circles to camouflaging those horrid lumps and bumps the best of us have to deal with. Best of all its so damn cheap like literally this is a prime example that sometimes you don’t need to splash the cash on some superior products when you can pay under a fiver for this and it does exactly the same job!


Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


All hail the Queen bronzer of our Teens. Hands up who had Rimmel bronzer in their teenage makeup bag?. Ok I literally had not worn this for years, then one night I decided to bring out my barely used Bobbi Brown bronzer  ‘ NOBODY NEEDS TO BRING THEIR F*CKING BRONZER OUT IN WINTER’ anyways as you may have already guessed it fell on the bathroom floor and SMASHED yay :(. So naturally enough it broke my heart and in between paychecks I had to resort to a cheaper alternative and BOOM it was back in my life and doing almost as good of a job as good auld Bobbi!




Sleek Face Contour Kit

Available at: Boots http://www.boots.ie/ or http://www.sleekmakeup.com/


 This is a mighty little contouring kit, it was actually the first contouring kit I ever bought. This is AWESOME you will literally be walking around with the bone structure of Angelina Jolie if used correctly. My only criticism is that I don’t think its very good for everyday use , like I would only use it on a night out, but then again is that really a criticism , Like who the hell has the time to contour their face everyday , I am lucky to get the foundation and mascara on most glooming mornings.


Revlon in Haute Pink

Available at: Most retail pharmacy, http://www.revlon.com/ http://www.boots.ie/


This Revlon blusher is a super easy blendable blusher where you have the freedom to build it up or make it more demure, depending on the look you’re going for. I also love the colour , its a vibrant pink with coral undertones.

Barry M Natural Glow Palette

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


This palate contains beautiful rich colours which can be dramatized or earnestly applied to suit what ever occasion. There is a modest but elegant selection, which can be easily blended and mixed to achieve different looks. I love this palate and I think its very reasonable priced for what your getting.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner,

Available at: Most retail pharmacy , http://ie.rimmellondon.com/ http://www.boots.ie/


Cheap and cheerful , I have been wearing rimmel eye liners for as long as I can remember, and I literally never  loose them , give me MAC give me Bobbi Brown give me Clinique and Poof gone, in a blind of an eye but not my good old rimmel eyeliner they stick with me no matter what



Maybelline Great Lash Mascara:

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


This has been a staple of most women’s handbags since the 70’s, But with the launch of new mascaras almost every month its easy to forget this classic. Without a shadow of doubt, its  defiantly my number one budget mascara!




Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up Remover 200ml

Available at: Most retail pharmacy or http://www.boots.ie/


Considering you will pay more for a venti caramel macchiato  from starbucks , this is an absolute BARGAIN. First of all don’t let the modest price make you skeptical about the quality of this product. Enriched withPro-vitamin B5 and plant extracts, developed with no alcohol or perfume, it is gentle on even to most sensitive skin types. This easily removes stubborn mascara and liquid eyeliner effortlessly. This my friends is a great beauty deal and should not be bypassed!

I hope you found this post useful girls, feel free to let me know some of your best budget beauty buys :).

Best wishes Nelly Says x x