London Calling


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So Last weekend I went on a little trip to London to visit my friends that I met whilst traveling Australia. We generally do two trips away a year and this time round we decided to meet in London for Georgie’s Birthday. London London, I’ve always lusted after London. Since about the age of thirteen it’s always being my dream to live there! I am such a city girl at heart, whilst some find cities hectic and lonely, those are probably two of things I generally really like about them. I enjoy the anonymity, the busy lifestyle and the diverse culture. I also thoroughly appreciate the fact that you could dress up as a unicorn and no one would bat an eyelid. But the thing I love the most about London has to be the fashion. Continue reading

Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Soup 

As Halloween is fastly approaching, I decided to make healthy Halloween pumpkin soup. Soups soups soups why do I love soups? For starters I think there’s nothing more delicious and satisfying than tucking into a large bowl of soup on a cold wet miserable afternoon. Secondly home made soup is healthy {as it contains no preservatives and a lot less salt} Thirdly it keeps you fuller for longer, this is a massive bonus when trying to watch what you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

My October Wedding Look


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Just a quick post about my go to wedding look for this time of year. Last weeknd  was probably one of the best weddings and weekends of the year! I attended my uncle’s wedding in Roscommon. The reception was held in the Hodson Bay hotel Athlone. Located on the shores of Lough Ree, boasting beautiful views of the country side. Continue reading

Where to get those WOW BROWS!


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Oh lordie lord, so it’s no secret that we’re all a little obsessed with trying to achieve those full perfectly arched brows! It’s crazy to think that only a few years ago most of us were relying on our own skills. “I am guilty as charged” for tweezing the life out of mine! Yep I was one of them, one of those 00’s match stick eyebrow girls. Years of over plucking and visits to dodgy salons where in one insistence a trainee let the wax slide “let’s say no more” had left my brows in a pretty bad way………….. until The Brow Artist came into my life. Continue reading

Face Masques I adore

Great post from Pure Irish Sugar guys! Check out her top face mask picks ❤

Pure Irish Sugar

Why are Masques so important for our skin? Why should we use them? Everyone has different skin and in today’s post I will talk you through what products I use for my skin and the type of skin I have.

My skin type, it’s combination. I have an oily t-zone and incredibly dry/dehydrated skin on my forehead and cheeks. I have been blessed with good skin and thankful that I did not go through the ‘breakout’ stage through my teenage years. I do however have incredibly large pores on my t-zone and this is something that bothers me. I am always on the search for products that will help my problem and I think I have found one from Bioderma, a review will be up soon so keep an eye out! When my skin gets to it’s driest it gets irritated and everything starts to react with it so here is a…

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Healthy Italian Turkey Meatballs


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The last few weeks have been pretty crazy and I haven’t been eating the best or going to the gym as much as I would like to. So yesterday I decided to get back on track! I could slowly feel myself getting bloated and gaining some weight. I love cooking and trying new recipes, but sometimes I find myself aimlessly wandering around the supermarket struggling to decide what to cook. So I am always on the lookout for new healthy meal ideas. Continue reading

Spanish Nights


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Just a little quick outfit post on my recent trip to Spain for my best friends wedding. I decided to go for a casual comfortable look! I love lounging around in long cotton skirts when I am on holidays, and in more recent years it’s flats all the way for me. Long gone are the days when I used to wear 6 inch heals on hols. This was our first evening, we headed down to Benalmadena marina. We had dinner at the most amazing little Italian restaurant which had a spectacular view. The weather was perfect as we sipped our glasses of wine chatting and laughing the whole way through. Anyway apologies for the pics for being a little dark. I always wonder how some bloggers manager to have the most amazing photographers by their sides. I think my poor friends and family are sick to death of me making them retake my pics. But on a more serious note, bloggers where can I can send my buddies off to? to become world class photographers ha ha ha jokes 😉 Continue reading